Great Birthday Party at Cooltron Group Shenzhen office
2016-07-18 admin

Recently, Cooltron Group had a very nice birthday party for 10 persons to celebrate their birthday at Shenzhen office. The others presented their blessings, which was very nice to appreciate all of the life. As usual in COOLTRON Group family, the best wishes are for every birthday person. Happy birthday to each of you again!

Traditional Story about Chinese Birthday

In China, we are used to friendly calling the birthday person the God of Longevity now, because of a long story and people wants to give good wishes to the person. In the old days, the God of Longevity is also called the Old Man Star, is one of the three gods in Chinese fable, namely, the God of Luck, God of High Rank and God of Longevity. In the Chinese folks' view, they are common auspicious figures, among which the image of the God of Longevity is a whitebeard with a projecting forehead, holding a staff on one hand and a Lucid Ganoderma on the other. Articles symbolizing longevity such as deer, crane and peach are usually painted on the picture of the God of Longevity.

Offering Birthday Congratulations

Longevity was believed the ample blessing. In ancient times, from emperors and kings to common people all hoped longevity, and emperors and kings even made pills of immortality for themselves. Offering congratulations was the common practice in Chinese lives.
Throughout Chinese history, offering birthday congratulations was closely associated with the traditions of respecting the aged. This made it an important custom. Even the emperors made themselves examples of honoring the old for others to follow. They invited virtuous elders to their palaces and held banquets to entertain them. According to folk tradition, one's longevity was not only the happiness of the family but also the evidence of his or her accumulation of virtue and good conduct. Cultivating one's moral character was believed an important means for longevity. So, lyre-playing chess, calligraphy and painting, as well as growing flowers, fish culture and food treatment were very popular among the folks.

Longevity Noodles
The longevity noodles are an indispensable dish in birthday celebration dinner. Since noodles are long and continuous in shape, it symbolizes good health and longevity to have noodles in one’s birthday. While enjoying the noodles, try not to break off the noodle you are picking up, since the longer it is, the longer it suggests your life will be.