Enterprise Systems Demand Innovative, Design Intensive, Application Specific Thermal Solutions

The mission-critical role of Enterprise Computing in the 21st century is seen everywhere. Business, scientific, e-commerce, and social networking applications require enterprise servers and systems that are powerful, fast, and always reliable, with zero down-time. In all of these applications, data is retrieved, processed, and stored for split second retrieval. This requires reliable, innovative, high performance, and design intensive advanced thermal solutions to cool the microprocessors, graphics processors, chipsets, memory, and on board power that are the key building blocks of today's systems. The ongoing trends toward smaller and more powerful systems, which in turn generate more heat and heat density, have caused traditional cooling methods to be replaced with combinations of new advanced technologies which are green and energy efficient. These new technologies deliver optimal combinations of performance, capital cost, operating costs, and reliability. COOLTRON partners and collaborates with the industry's top scientists and engineers in each segment of this industry to help develop and market increasingly more powerful and reliable enterprise systems.

Enterprise & Secure Cloud Computing

Enterprise & Secure Cloud Computing systems are deployed, implemented, and utilized by large global corporations to drive all of their business activities. These corporations include banking, finance, technology, and data mining. The main purpose of these systems is to process, store, and manage large amounts of data. As a result, these systems are highly balanced with powerful and fast processing, mass storage, innovative software, and zero down time. These systems are typically scalable to support business growth and to provide increased data storage over time. COOLTRON's thermal solutions for this segment utilize advanced, high performance cooling technologies that are reliable and cost effective. Some of these technologies include high performance air cooled heat sinks, fan systems, and energy efficient liquid cooling solutions.

High Performance Computing

The High Performance Computing (HPC) segment includes systems from the Supercomputer Top 500 index. The demand for computer modeling to forecast weather, determine new cures for disease, and to perform complex mathematical computations for pursuits such as nuclear fission are just some examples of applications within the HPC segment. HPC systems have massively parallel processing capabilities which achieve incredible performance levels related to the number of threads per core of processing power. COOLTRON's thermal solutions are cost effective, fully integrated with server racks, and balanced with the facilities management of the data center where the system is housed. We develop arrays of customized liquid and air cooling solutions with a focus on reliability, cost, and energy consumption and provide innovative packaging for the extreme density of processing power in these applications.

Public Cloud Computing

This relatively new segment of the Enterprise Computing Systems market touches everyone with PC's, laptops, tablets and smart phones for numerous applications, most notably those related to social networking. The Public Cloud Computing segment specializes in storing and retrieving large amounts of data and information with zero down time. Enormous amounts of unprocessed digital data such as blogs, photos, video, etc. is being added to and stored in these public clouds daily. The user base served by companies in this segment is growing daily, and downtime or a loss of service is not an option for anyone.Enterprise computing equipment for this segment also includes secure cloud and high performance computing, but with an emphasis on redundancy and mass storage. The processing power of the cloud is always important; however most of this data simply needs to be moved quickly rather than being processed. Achieving a green footprint in these public cloud data centers is also critical to meet the expectations of the millions of end-users. COOLTRON's innovative thermal solutions in this segment are often customized to meet the overall cost and performance requirements in the ever growing numbers of public cloud installations.

Work Stations

High levels of computing power in a single or several workstation terminals is critical to run today's sophisticated analytical, engineering and graphics software applications. Since smaller numbers of users’ access these workstations compared to much larger enterprise servers, the need for scalability is less critical. Maximum processing power and up-front cost is paramount in this competitive enterprise computing segment. Thermal performance and ambient noise reduction is also crucial to a successful solution as workstations typically sit in close proximity to the user, often in an office environment. There are many unique workstation systems in the market using advanced speed controlled fans and air cooled thermal solutions. COOLTRON is the thermal management partner of choice and an active design resource for the companies marketing these high-end, stand-alone computing products.