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Series/Parallel: 5S/40P
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30V (6A)

The perfect combination of heat dissipation and thermal conduction. 3D type radiator which is formed from cooling modules and fin ducts can greatly lower down the temperature of light source, extending its life span.

Most Optimal Heat Sink Profile Design
The fins contour designs maximize the total ambient contact surface area.The patented heat pipes seamless embedding technologies minimize the thermal resistance and enhance the heat conduction efficiency.

Adjustable Multiple Angles Mounting Brackets
The heat sink assembly's mounting brackets have a couple of holes to adjust to the desired mounting angle (up to 240°) for LED light installation conveniences.

Patented Seamless Heat Pipes Embedding and Riveting Technologies
Cooltron's patented heat pipes technologies enable perfect heat pipes embedding along the heat sink base - flat and seamless contact, and reduce the thermal resistance to a minimum due to possible gap between aluminum heat sink base and heat pipes.

Tempered Glass Cover
The 4mm thick tempered glass cover provides strong resistance to heat and impact and ensures operation safety. The tempered glass cover also supply better than industry average light transmittance rate over 91% maximum.

Flexible Adoption of Great Variety SMD LED Modules
This thermal design allows choices of great variety of SMD LED modules and saves products series development costs and efforts.

Nano-Coated Reflector with Multiple Angles Options for Suitable Light Distribution
Industry's most advanced nano-coated reflector with multiple reflective angles options suitable for different light distribution coverage that different application needs. The maximum light reflectivity is over 87% with glass cover.

Product Application: stadiums, marina, golf course, architectural lighting, squares, industrial plants, highway toll stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums and the like. It can replace the traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium.

PCB Size
Series/Parallel Power
HE1200 200W A:260xB:374xC:410 Ø110x2.0 3030(6V/1W) 200 5S/40P 30V (6A)
HE1300 300W A:380xB:374xC:410 Ø110x2.0 3030(6V/1W) 300 5S/30P x2 30V (6A) x2
HE1400 400W A:450xB:374xC:410 Ø110x2.0 3030(6V/1W) 400 5S/40P x2 30V (7.5A) x2

※ The above parameters are for reference only, ultimately you have to refer to the physical specification issued by the Company.
※ All the products are supplied in kits which does not include power and lamp beads.