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100W COB LED Lighting Heat Pipes Module
Product Information:
Model Number: DG180-100-A01
Dimension(mm): ∮180X80
Cooling Surface(mm²): 398928
Cooling Performance(lm): 10000~14000
Thermal Resistance(℃/W): 0.375~0.5
Dissipated Power(W): 100
Weight : 1.1 kgs/2.4 lbs
Material: AL1070 with 3pcs∮6mm heat pipes
Surface Treatment Options: Electrophoresis Black

100W COB LED Lighting Heat Sink Module

Features :

● Best 100W Cost Performance Thermal Solution

● Patented Tightly Embedded Flat Heat Pipes for MinimumThermal Resistance – 0.375~0.5℃/W

● Best Fit Most Popular 100W Rating COBs – Bridgelux Vero29 and Cree CXB 3590

● Preset Mounting Holes for COB LED Lighting Mounting Conveniences

● Advanced Finishing Process for Corrosion Protection

● Modular Design for Flexible Combination and Diversified Applications

Product Dimensions:

Heat Dissipation Simulation:

Simulation under Cree CXB3590 COB Simulation under BridgeLux Vero 29 COB

Power =100W: Ta=25 Tc=62.5 △T=37.5 Rca=0.375℃/W Power =100W: Ta=25 Tc=75 △T=50 Rca=0.5℃/W

Temperature Rise Curve:


A great variety of applications in High Bay Light,Down Light,Flood Light,Street Light,Sports Light and more.